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 +====== Achatina ====== 
 +{{:​heads:​empty_snailhead_icon.png?​200 |}}{{ :​maps:​resw.jpg?​300|}} 
 +  * **Wild:** 
 +    Found mostly in marshes and jungles, Achatina Limusegnis is a very slow, very non-threatening land mollusk. It might be the safest creature on the island to hunt and while it only provides a small amount of meat and chitin, an easy meal is always good on the island. 
 +  * **Domesticated:​** 
 +    There is a very disgusting, but useful, fact about Achatina that causes tribes to seek to tame them: its secretions are chemically similar to the '​Cementing Paste' used by many tribes for building materials. Tamed Achatina naturally build up this slime over time, which can then be collected at the tribe'​s convenience. 
 +  * **Known Information:​** 
 +    Unlike nearly every other creature on the island, Achatina does not defecate normally. Instead, it secretes a thick sticky substance. Achatina leaves trails of this slime, but the trails are so thin that they crumble to dust quickly.
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