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 +====== Chalicotherium ====== 
 +{{:​heads:​empty_chalicotheriumhead_icon.png?​200 |}}{{ :​maps:​jusn.jpg?​300|}} 
 +  * **Wild** 
 +    Found in small numbers within the Island'​s colder regions, Chalicotherium obsideoquus is normally a peaceful herbivore that prefers to spend its days lazing about or playing with its family. It is very territorial,​ however, and the entire family, young and old, will turn against an encroaching creature at just the slightest provocation. ​ *  
 +  * **Domesticated** 
 +    While many creatures are useful while attacking a fortress, Chalicotherium can be trained as mobile artillery. Its unique playtime habit becomes a rather devastating long-range assault tactic when it is given boulders to throw, rather than snowballs! 
 +  * **Known Information** 
 +    A strange scene to stumble upon is a group of Chalicotherium playing. One odd playtime activity for Chalicotherium is hurling large balls of snow or mud-rocks at each other. Smaller creatures in the area shy away from Chalicotherium during this exertion, for fear of being buried in snow or gravel.
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