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 +====== Hesperornis ======
 +{{:​heads:​empty_hesperonishead_icon.png?​200 |}}{{ :​maps:​was.jpg?​300|}}
 +  * **Wild**
 +Possessing the appearance of a half-duck/​half-dinosaur,​ Hesperornis is a medium-sized,​ fish-eating bird, common in the rivers and lakes of the island. It would be about two-thirds the height of a human if it stood tall, but it rarely does. Hesperornis spends most of its time gliding along the surface of the water, where it is much more maneuverable.
 +Hesperornis is barely a threat to any land-dwelling creature, as its legs are too short for it to move around effectively,​ but it is surprisingly fast in the water. It can easily hunt down fish and other small water-dwelling creatures.
 +  * **Domesticated**
 +Not particularly useful for hunting, and not being affectionate,​ Hesperornis is primarily kept for the eggs it produces after consuming much fish. When rendered correctly, the eggs separate into two useful substances.
 +One is a protein substance that is high in calories, and the other is an oily liquid that is effectively the same as the Oil found in the ocean! ​
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