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 +====== Terror Bird ====== 
 +{{:​wiki:​empty_terrorbirdhead_icon.png?​200 |}}{{ :​wiki:​clean_map11.jpg?​300|}} 
 +  * **Wild:** 
 +Ranging from eight to twelve feet tall, Phorusrhacidae Rapidesultor is a highly aggressive avian that is just barely capable of very brief "​flight"​. Instead, it uses its wings primarily for balance during its high-speed sprints. Phorusrhacidae flight is actually closer to an impressive sustained leap or glide that is assisted and lengthened by flapping its wings. 
 +  * **Domesticated:​** 
 +Phorusrhacidae is an excellent combat mount, particularly for harassing and scouting. Riders of Phorusrhacidae gain most of the benefits of a fast, mobile ground-based theropod, while also gaining some of the freedom of movement from a flyer... Assuming the rider can coax Phorusrhacidae into staying in the air over a long leap. 
 +  * **Known Information:​** 
 +Phorusrhacidae shows interesting traits related to theropods such as Utahraptor, Carnotaurus,​ and Tyrannosaurus. It has many similar traits, such as general shape and predation patterns, but its attacks tend towards lightning dashes and leaping slashes.
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