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 +====== Tusoteuthis ====== 
 +{{:​wiki:​empty_squidhead_icon.png?​200 |}}{{ :​wiki:​clean_map17.jpg?​300|}} 
 +  * **Wild** 
 +    Tusoteuthis Vampyrus is a very aggressive water predator. Approximately 30 feet long, Tusoteuthis is a terror of the deep. Once it grabs its prey, it slowly crushes it into submission while using the talons on its tentacles to siphon and drain the victim of blood! 
 +  * **Domesticated** 
 +    One of the major benefits of taming Tusoteuthis is harvesting its ink. Unlike normal ink, Tusoteuthis'​ ink is very oily, and can even be refined into fuels such as gasoline. Between that and Tusoteuthis'​ distinctive combat abilities, it makes for an excellent aquatic tame, despite its slow swimming speed. 
 +  * **Known Information** 
 +    Tusoteuthis is a terrifying opponent for several reasons. Firstly, its grab slowly renders its victim unconscious,​ so death isn't the first concern. Secondly, its vampiric blood drain instantly revitalizes it even during combat. And finally, if Tusoteuthis is losing a fight, it sprays a cloud of ink into the water around it, blinding its attacker to cover a sneaky escape.
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